Welcome to my blog!!

I am an amateur blogger so I am open to some constructive criticism and always welcome ideas/suggestions! I am a mother of 4 so you will hear a lot about my children, the crazy things they do, any fun/crafty things I do with them, the ups and downs of parenting, etc.

Thomas Family

I am a Wellbeing Consultant so you will hear a lot about whole-person wellbeing and living life to the fullest. I will try to help provide inspiration and motivation to help you be the best version of yourself.  I believe that spreading compassion and kindness is something we need more of at work, at home, and in the world in general.

I also have a couple of side gigs that I run! I am an Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant so you will likely hear about literacy and the amazing opportunity my UBAM business has provided my family.  I have a passion for reading and a desire to encourage a love of reading in our children, no matter what books they read.

And finally, I am an Independent Stylist with Color Street. As a busy mom, taking the time to do my nails using traditional nail polish was near impossible and spending money to get mani/pedis is not an option. Then I found Color Street nail polish strips that make it easy and affordable for me to pamper myself, feel beautiful, and give me the ability to express myself with the fun nail designs available!

While I am a passionate person filled with love and compassion I have also been described as a bulldog.  Though it may sound negative, it is something I am actually quite proud of.  I am strong-willed, determined and persistent.  I push the limits and question the status quo.  I believe that is how we grow.

I love to help others, I love to talk, and I have a lot of thoughts running around my head so a blog just seemed like the proper venue for me! 🙂

Thanks for visiting.  Please follow and comment frequently!
I love to feel like I am talking to people and not the wall…I get that enough with my kids…LOL! 🙂

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