Find your happiness…

I attended a memorial service for my Aunt Sue today…a day that would have been her 64th birthday.
She donated her body to science so it was not a formal funeral, but a beautiful service and family gathering to honor and remember her and to celebrate her life.  I am so very proud of her for donating her body to science.  I only hope it helps the doctors learn more about and maybe even find a cure for the disease that took her life.

All of this started the thoughts turning in my head…more so than normal!

I started thinking about what will things be like when I am 64.  Will I live to 64?  Life is so very short and my own personal recent experience has solidified that concept even more for me.  Remind me to share that story with you later…  Without getting into details now, let’s just say that I am very blessed to be here today.

So, with that thought (that life is short), I can’t express enough to everybody to find your “happiness” whatever it may be.
Don’t “settle” for anything.  If there is something in your life that you are not happy with…change it.  You alone hold the power to make your life satisfying.
Don’t like your job?  Hate going to work every day?  Then figure out what you want to do, what will make you happy and pursue it.  Maybe it is a different company to work for, maybe just a different position in the same company, or maybe you just need to talk to your manager and see if your position can be tweaked a little to make you happier!
Finding yourself in a rut?  Unhappy with your day to day?  Find something that makes you happy that you can add to your day.  For me it is playing a game with the kids and acting like a kid myself.  Or some adult social time…that is always nice!
I have found great joy in blogging and that has served as a great “therapy” for me every day!
And then there is my “hug-a-mug” time.  This term I stole from a friend of mine and it is a part of EVERY day for me!  A hot beverage (yes, this is a Sheldon Cooper reference! :)) and at least 5-10 minutes of “me” time to sit and “hug” the mug while drinking said hot beverage is an essential part of my day.  At least it is if I am going to be in a good mood…LOL!

Make today a fantastic day and I leave you with the hopes and wishes that you each find your happiness!


Published by Compassion Bulldog

I am a strong-willed, determined, persistent woman that strives to spread compassion and kindness. I work as a workplace wellbeing consultant and have been in the health and wellbeing field for over 20 years. I am married to a wonderful and patient man and we have 4 beautiful children!

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