Dress for…You!

Dress for success, dress to impress, dress comfortably, etc. With all of these sayings (and more)…which one should you listen to, which one is correct?!? The answer is ALL of them!   🙂    Dress for you!  What makes you feel happy, confident, beautiful/handsome?  That is what you should wear! There are days I will wearContinue reading “Dress for…You!”

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Birthday Party

Well, I haven’t blogged since Friday and it seems like forever ago! The weekend was a busy one for us…we held a combined birthday party for our son Austin (3) and our daughter Lexie (2). They wanted a Peter Pan/Tinkerbell party. Sounds easy enough, except for the fact that there isn’t anything Peter Pan outContinue reading “Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Birthday Party”