Makers and Waiters…which will you be?


I have noticed in my experiences that there appears to be two general “kinds” of people in life:
1.  Those that make things happen.
2.  Those that wait for things to happen.

I have also noticed, however, that we all fall into not one, but both of these categories depending on the situation.
I, for example, make things happen when it is something that I am excited/motivated about.  But if it is something that makes me uncomfortable or I am not motivated to do, I tend to procrastinate and wait for things to happen.

Does this sound familiar?  Are you picturing your life and different situations you have been in?  What do you do the majority of the time…make or wait?  Which do you want to do?  Which do you want to be known for?

That, my friend is where the lesson lies!  Which do you want?
This is where we need to learn and/or remind ourselves that we are in charge of our lives.  Yes, sometimes “life” happens and there are many things that are out of our control.  However, we can still control how we react and what actions we take.

Are you feeling down and lonely?  Don’t dwell on those feelings…DO reach out and socialize with family and friends or reconnect with long-lost friends!  Don’t have many family or friends…that is ok too.  Time to step outside your comfort zone a bit and start making some new friends!  You can do this.  One baby step at a time.  You just have to start talking to people…you never know who you will connect with!

Are you looking for a new job but feeling like there is just “nothing out there”?  Don’t give up!  DO start researching the field you want to be in and the companies you want to be a part of.  Start networking and make as many professional connections as you can!  Learn all you can and get out there and sell yourself as the great candidate you are!

Do you wish that you had more money?  A different house?  Less stress?  A healthier body?  The list goes on and on!  We all wish for something or for many things!  The trick is to focus on what you want the most, and then look at how you can make it happen.  Get creative, think outside the box, explore all options (even those that seem impossible).  You can do this!

So get out there and start making things happen!

If you are so inclined, please share with us what you have accomplished!  Help share your stories to inspire others.  It is amazing the power that sharing our stories holds!!

Until next time…
Make it a fantastic day!


Published by Compassion Bulldog

I am a strong-willed, determined, persistent woman that strives to spread compassion and kindness. I work as a workplace wellbeing consultant and have been in the health and wellbeing field for over 20 years. I am married to a wonderful and patient man and we have 4 beautiful children!

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