Welcome to my blog!!

I am a first time blogger so I am open to some constructive criticism and always welcome ideas/suggestions! I am a mother of 4 so you will hear a lot about my children, the crazy things they do, any fun/crafty things I do with them, the ups and downs of parenting, etc.

I am a Wellbeing Consultant so you will hear a lot about whole-person wellbeing and living life to the fullest. I will try to help provide inspiration and motivation to help you be the best version of yourself.  I believe that spreading compassion and kindness is something we need more of at work, at home and in the world in general.

I am also an Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant so you will likely hear about literacy and the amazing opportunity my UBAM business has provided my family.  I have a passion for reading and a desire to encourage a love of reading in our children, no matter what books they read.

While I am a passionate person filled with love and compassion I have also been described as a bulldog.  Though it may sound negative, it is something I am actually quite proud of.  I am strong-willed, determined and persistent.  I push the limits and question the status quo.  I believe that is how we grow.

I love to help others, I love to talk, and I have a lot of thoughts running around my head so a blog just seemed like the proper venue for me! 🙂

Thanks for visiting.  Please follow and comment frequently!
I love to feel like I am talking to people and not the wall…I get that enough with my kids…LOL! 🙂

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Join me in my ramblings and life experiences, spreading compassion and being a bit of a bulldog along the way.

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