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All the Feels

Does anybody else get all the feels from television shows, movies and books?

Sometimes I think that makes me crazy.  I mean, we are supposed to experience life and get all the feels from the experience right?!

But then again, maybe that means that the television show/movie/book is simply written/done very well and that is why we get all the feels?  That doesn’t make me crazy right?  Tell me other people do this too.  No really, please tell me.  😉

What are some of your favorites?

My favorite television shows lately have been Gifted; Younger; The Good Place, and Kevin Probably Saves the World.
I seem to love all books really.  Some good ones I read recently are Shadow’s Edge and Exhume.
As for movies, the animated ones really get me…lol!  Moana is my favorite.  I also really love Inside Out, Cars 3, and my absolute favorite is Liar Liar.  That one makes me laugh every time and I quote it constantly.

*Photo credit: https://sayingimages.com/panda-meme/