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I recently heard the following line in a show:

“Adulthood is where dreams go to die!”

Wow.  That statement really hit me hard and made me think.
I mean, we all have had our days that adulting is hard, right?
Any of these sound or look familiar???  Hello…Mondays right?!

But to go as far as to say that adulthood is where dreams go to die?!

What did this really mean?  Is it true?  Are we all doomed?!

Let’s dive deeper…
As children, we are encouraged to use our imaginations, read, play and dream.
As adults we are encouraged to go to work, make money and pay bills.
I have to say, I am finding it hard to disagree with the statement at this point.

Well, I will tell you with certainty that for those that truly believe that adulthood is where dreams go to die, it is.  Those are the ones that will succumb to being stuck going to a job they don’t love (and maybe even hate) to pay the bills and make a living.  But is that really a ‘living’ at all…or simply an existence?

Luckily, there is hope.  You see, it is all about perception and there is another way to look at this.  Adulthood doesn’t have to be where our dreams go to die.  Where is there a rule that says as we get older we have to stop using our imaginations?  Stop reading?  Stop playing?  Stop dreaming?

Well, there isn’t one.  We place that perceived barrier on ourselves.
So let’s all do ourselves a favor and get out of our own way!  It is time to connect to your inner child.  Imagine, read, play, dream…believe!

Don’t let adulthood be where your dreams go to die…let it be where they come alive! ❤
The power is all yours.

Change the Way you Think…

New Year’s Eve…another year coming to an end and a new one about to begin.  We all know that this time of year brings reflections of the past year and resolutions for the new year.  New year, new you right?…Wrong!

Why is it that each year at this time many of us decide we are either going to create a new version of ourselves or ignore the new year resolution movement all together and change absolutely nothing?  I have always been a firm believer that if you aren’t happy with something, change it!  And that is something that I live by 365 days per year…not just at the new year.  Well Mary Engelbreit took it a step further:


What if we all changed the way we think?  If you really think about it, we do so many things simply because we feel we are expected to or because that is the way that everybody else does it.  Could we change the way the world works if we all just changed the way we think?

I have decided that for 2015 I am going to try a little social experiment.  My family, like so many others, is struggling to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck.  However, I want to help make a difference in our community and have always wished that I could “win the lottery” so I could help others more.  Well, I am going to change the way I think about that.  Knowing full well that I will in all reality never win the lottery, it is time to stop waiting for that time before I help others.  So, how do I make a difference without hurting my own family financially?  Hmmm…what if every household donated $1 each month to one organization?  What a difference that would make!  So that is what I have decided to do.  I am going to commit to donating $1 each month in 2015 to a local organization.  Only $12 for the year.  My family can definitely handle that financially.  But $1 to an organization is not much help is it?  Well, every little bit helps so I will first not feel guilty about “only donating $1.”  Second, I am a communicator, an organizer and I have hundreds of friends, family and coworkers.  We are stronger and more effective as a team then we are individually, so why don’t I use my organization and communication strengths and put them to good use!  So here is my challenge to each of you…join me in donating $1 each month to help our community.  I am happy to collect any donations that others wish to give and will give the total amount each month to a different organization.  I would love to hear from you on which organizations we should choose…we need 12…so please communicate those suggestions to me!  I will make the donation at the end of each month so that allows time to collect the donations from all of you.  I will document each donation with a photo and will blog about each one as well.

So this is the start of me changing the way I think…and it is just the start.  I hope that this helps inspire you to change the way you think as well.  I want to hear your new thoughts and ideas and your plans as well…please feel free to share them with me and others so we can all continue to motivate and inspire each other and make the world a better place for us and for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on.

Until next time…

Makers and Waiters…which will you be?


I have noticed in my experiences that there appears to be two general “kinds” of people in life:
1.  Those that make things happen.
2.  Those that wait for things to happen.

I have also noticed, however, that we all fall into not one, but both of these categories depending on the situation.
I, for example, make things happen when it is something that I am excited/motivated about.  But if it is something that makes me uncomfortable or I am not motivated to do, I tend to procrastinate and wait for things to happen.

Does this sound familiar?  Are you picturing your life and different situations you have been in?  What do you do the majority of the time…make or wait?  Which do you want to do?  Which do you want to be known for?

That, my friend is where the lesson lies!  Which do you want?
This is where we need to learn and/or remind ourselves that we are in charge of our lives.  Yes, sometimes “life” happens and there are many things that are out of our control.  However, we can still control how we react and what actions we take.

Are you feeling down and lonely?  Don’t dwell on those feelings…DO reach out and socialize with family and friends or reconnect with long-lost friends!  Don’t have many family or friends…that is ok too.  Time to step outside your comfort zone a bit and start making some new friends!  You can do this.  One baby step at a time.  You just have to start talking to people…you never know who you will connect with!

Are you looking for a new job but feeling like there is just “nothing out there”?  Don’t give up!  DO start researching the field you want to be in and the companies you want to be a part of.  Start networking and make as many professional connections as you can!  Learn all you can and get out there and sell yourself as the great candidate you are!

Do you wish that you had more money?  A different house?  Less stress?  A healthier body?  The list goes on and on!  We all wish for something or for many things!  The trick is to focus on what you want the most, and then look at how you can make it happen.  Get creative, think outside the box, explore all options (even those that seem impossible).  You can do this!

So get out there and start making things happen!

If you are so inclined, please share with us what you have accomplished!  Help share your stories to inspire others.  It is amazing the power that sharing our stories holds!!

Until next time…
Make it a fantastic day!

Small acts can make a big difference…

I woke up the morning of July 18th, got ready as normal and headed to the kitchen to get my cup of coffee before heading to work.  The stack of mail was sitting on the table waiting for me, as it is every morning, and at the top of the stack was a bright green hand-written envelope.  My curiosity sparked, I went straight to the mail pile instead of to the coffee pot first and picked up the green envelope.   I didn’t recognize the sender’s name but it was a local address…figured it was a bridal or baby shower invite of some sort.

I opened the envelope and inside was a Thank You card with a picture of an adorable 16-month old boy, whom I did not recognize.  The card read:


I cannot thank you enough for donating breast milk to help our son Isaac.  He had kidney failure from birth and formula was causing further health problems.  By giving him breast milk he was able to get the kidney transplant he so desperately needed.  We are three weeks post-transplant now and he is doing so incredible!  He’s now started crawling and standing, and even eating!  It’s amazing to watch.  We would not have been able to get to this point without the wonderful gift you have given to us.  I can’t imagine a more self-less thing to do.  You have given health to our son, and I am forever in your debt.  You are an angel on earth.  Thank you!

Kelly (Isaac’s mom)”

My heart was overflowing and the tears began to fall…that note and picture just made my whole day…heck, my whole year!

A while back, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that a friend of a friend (somebody she did not know) needed breast milk for her son who was struggling with kidney failure.  I was so excited to see this message as I had over 300 bags of breast milk stored in my freezer at that time because my son could not use it as he was showing sensitivity (we think to dairy) and would scream in pain after digesting it.  My husband and I had just discussed what we were going to do with it all.  I was not willing to just throw it away for as any mother that has breast-fed or pumped knows…that is hard work to get that stuff and it truly is “liquid gold”!  We talked about donating it, but we didn’t even know where to begin or if it would qualify as I hadn’t kept a food journal of what I was eating while pumping so it had gluten, wheat, dairy, etc. and we weren’t sure how that whole process worked.  But now this opportunity fell into our laps!  I was so excited!!!  I contacted my friend right away and her friend arranged to pick it up from me to deliver to this family that needed it.

Now, months later, I receive this surprise note in the mail that just changed my life!
Something that was so very simple for me to do, meant the world to Kelly and her son Isaac.  Such a powerful reminder that even the small things we do really can make a big difference!

Small things make a big difference

I am excited to write Kelly back and thank her for her kind words and the update and picture of little Isaac.  As far as I am concerned I now have another son…little Isaac will be in my heart forever now.  I am hoping to meet the family and someday be able to hold Isaac and hug his mom!

Don’t Just Count Your Years, Make Your Years Count!

Yesterday was my birthday…thank you for the birthday wishes (I could sense you wishing me a happy birthday as you read this!)…and I received an email that came from a website I had subscribed to (SparkPeople).
Now I received many of these “Happy Birthday” emails from my subscriptions/memberships…you know the kind…you open the email and it says Happy Birthday!  Enjoy your special day!  And many times will include a coupon for you to use with that company (examples: I received a discount for a 2nd blizzard at Dairy Queen, a coupon for an appetizer at Texas Road House, a birthday bonus code good for 100 points from Kellogg’s, etc.).

Well this email from SparkPeople appeared the same, but actually was quite different.  There was a lot of text to it and normally I would just delete it without taking the time to read it.  I took the time to read this one and I am so glad I did!  It really was a great message and one that everybody should read and internalize whether it is their birthday or not.  So I am sharing this birthday message with all of you.  Read it…be inspired, and as always, make today fantastic!!

Birthday Message


Wellness really does work…

Ok, in my previous post I mentioned a recent personal experience that I promised to tell you about later.
The pregnancy and delivery of my youngest son was quite the adventure for me and my family.

I wrote up a piece that was posted on our intranet at work to share with our employees (my clients) as inspiration and motivation to live a healthy lifestyle.  Also as a reminder of how fragile life is and to enjoy it!
I will share that same story with you.

“Wellness really does work,” said Lori Thomas, wellness coordinator. Read Lori’s story below to find out how staying healthy helped save her life after her fourth child, Liam, was born.

We hear it all the time and you hear me preaching it to you all the time, but I experienced first-hand that wellness really does work. Not only does it work… it helped save my life.

Liam and Lori

When pregnant with my fourth child, we ran into some complications. I had placenta previa complete, which in laymen’s terms means the placenta was completely blocking the cervix. With this condition comes a high risk of bleeding and that is exactly what I did. So, I was placed on bed rest on Sept. 9. My due date was Nov. 10, but making it that long with the previa was unlikely and I would have to have a C-section delivery. Thanks to bed rest, I was able to avoid going into labor and scheduled the C-section delivery for Oct. 18, which is when my doctors determined was late enough that the baby would be developed properly, but also early enough that we could avoid a major bleed from the previa (from the pressure of the baby pressing against the placenta).

Oct. 18 came around and we were scheduled for a 12 p.m. C-section delivery. At 12:24 p.m., our son Liam Jackson Thomas was born, weighing in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces and 19.5 inches long. He was beautiful, healthy and perfect!
The surgery went better than expected and I was closed up and headed to recovery.  My blood pressure was running a little low so they kept me in recovery for longer than normal.

Around 4 p.m., my blood pressure started dropping even lower than it was and I began to show physical symptoms indicating a problem. My nurse sent our son to the nursery (on a different floor) so she could focus all of her attention on me. Soon, I had a room full of nurses and doctors who stayed there for more than two hours trying to determine not only why my blood pressure was dropping the way it was, but also why their efforts to increase it were not working. My blood pressure reached as low as 50s over 40s. All signs pointed to an internal bleed, but the numerous ultrasounds they were doing failed to show any bleeding.

Around 6:30 p.m., they finally found a pooling of blood in my right side towards my back; however, the source of the bleed was yet to be determined. I was told I would have to go back to the operating room for emergency surgery.

Just before they took me to the operating room, my doctor was sitting by my bedside holding my hand. I asked her if I was going to be ok and, looking at her expression and the uncertainty in her eyes, I knew things were very serious. I told her she had to make sure I made it through this as I could not leave my husband to care for our four children on his own… especially only three weeks after his father passed away. She assured me she would do everything she could and then she prayed aloud right there over me.
Then it was off to the operating room.

After spending approximately one and a half hours in surgery, the nurses informed my family that I was out of surgery and recovering. They found the bleed and fixed it – an internal stitch had worked loose just enough that it created a slow bleed. I was taken to the Intensive Care Unit where I spent 24 hours there recovering and stabilizing. I received five units of blood and two units of platelets during this entire ordeal and I can’t say thank you enough to the many donors out there that helped save my life by donating blood and platelets.

My perinatologist and OB/GYN doctors were with me through both surgeries and checked in on me daily during my recovery (even on their days off). They both said the fact that I was healthy prior to all of this happening is one of the main factors for me being here today and able to recover as well and as quickly as I did. With my blood pressure dropping as low as it did, it is incredible that I maintained consciousness and my doctors and family were amazed that even during that ordeal, I was still cracking jokes and had a smile on my face!  Things were very scary and grave for a bit.

I don’t always eat the healthiest foods, and I don’t always exercise as much as I should, but I maintain an overall healthy lifestyle and do things in moderation. That is what helped me still be here today.

If you want to start working on your health and don’t know where to start or are feeling overwhelmed, come talk to me. I am happy to hear your story, and I want to help. Just remember to start slow and don’t think you are going to change drastically overnight. Slow and steady wins the race and I am happy to coach you every step of the way.

Wishing you all good health and happiness,

Lori Thomas
Wellness Coordinator

Now that I have shared my experience with you, please use it as a reminder to live life to the fullest, find your happiness and live an overall healthy lifestyle so that you can be around for a very long time to enjoy all the little things in life!

Make today fantastic!  🙂

Find your happiness…

I attended a memorial service for my Aunt Sue today…a day that would have been her 64th birthday.
She donated her body to science so it was not a formal funeral, but a beautiful service and family gathering to honor and remember her and to celebrate her life.  I am so very proud of her for donating her body to science.  I only hope it helps the doctors learn more about and maybe even find a cure for the disease that took her life.

All of this started the thoughts turning in my head…more so than normal!

I started thinking about what will things be like when I am 64.  Will I live to 64?  Life is so very short and my own personal recent experience has solidified that concept even more for me.  Remind me to share that story with you later…  Without getting into details now, let’s just say that I am very blessed to be here today.

So, with that thought (that life is short), I can’t express enough to everybody to find your “happiness” whatever it may be.
Don’t “settle” for anything.  If there is something in your life that you are not happy with…change it.  You alone hold the power to make your life satisfying.
Don’t like your job?  Hate going to work every day?  Then figure out what you want to do, what will make you happy and pursue it.  Maybe it is a different company to work for, maybe just a different position in the same company, or maybe you just need to talk to your manager and see if your position can be tweaked a little to make you happier!
Finding yourself in a rut?  Unhappy with your day to day?  Find something that makes you happy that you can add to your day.  For me it is playing a game with the kids and acting like a kid myself.  Or some adult social time…that is always nice!
I have found great joy in blogging and that has served as a great “therapy” for me every day!
And then there is my “hug-a-mug” time.  This term I stole from a friend of mine and it is a part of EVERY day for me!  A hot beverage (yes, this is a Sheldon Cooper reference! :)) and at least 5-10 minutes of “me” time to sit and “hug” the mug while drinking said hot beverage is an essential part of my day.  At least it is if I am going to be in a good mood…LOL!

Make today a fantastic day and I leave you with the hopes and wishes that you each find your happiness!