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Dress for…You!

Dress for success, dress to impress, dress comfortably, etc.
With all of these sayings (and more)…which one should you listen to, which one is correct?!?
The answer is ALL of them!   🙂

dress-for-success-pic   dress for success men

Dress for you!  What makes you feel happy, confident, beautiful/handsome?  That is what you should wear!
There are days I will wear a suit coat to work…not because I have to, but because I want to feel more professional that day.  Or I will wear something that is a fun, bright color or sparkly on a Monday.  Fridays are naturally sparkly days…Mondays need a little help…so wearing something sparkly helps me remember to stay “sparkly” too! 

Don’t you always feel happier and more confident after somebody notices your outfit and compliments you on it?  Even if you don’t realize it, I bet you do!  (Remember 90% of behavior is governed by the unconcious mind) 

So when you are picking out your outfit for the day…think about how you want to feel that day.  If you want to wear a beautiful gown on a Wednesday…do it!  If you want to snuggle on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate…then you rock those comfy sweats!  Just remember that you are dressing for you and not anybody else.  It doesn’t matter if you impress anybody else.  All that matters is how it makes you feel!!

Make today amazing…only you have that power!